Tallinn Week 2014 – Estonian Olympic sailing III regatta | My new sail

Last competitions of this season are over!

I did good, at least that’s what i feel. Of course the place could have been better, but again, couple big mistakes and accidents ruined my competitions. But i had fun and great time during the competitions. For example, I got a day off from school, on friday, when i had russian lesson, oh god, russian is so hard for me and i dont like it much. Anyway, back to this weekend…wait, not yet, i remember i had birthday on 23th septeber so, happy birthday Alfred, you are 15 now! 🙂 And that reminded me that i got a new sail, i forgot to write about it, but the old one has a pretty big hole in it.


One training there was huge wind, and after the training i was having some fun riding in sidewind, but i got tired, wanted to go back on shore and then sail fell in the water, i tried to do a waterstart, but i didnt notice i had got stuck in my boom strap, so when the sail lifted me up, i wanted to let the wind out of my sail, but i couldnt, because i was attached to boom strap, and fell to the other side, through the sail…gladly i was in good mood, and knew there wont be any competitons soon, so i got the sail up with all the power i had and glissed back on shore, where everyone was asking what had happened.

Day 1 (friday, 26th sept.)

We had 3 races. First one was total disaster, i was doing so good, i was leading with really big lead, others were +100meters behind me, wind was strong, the way i like it, about 10m/s and then the race was suddenly canceled for formulas…the canceling flag and formula flag were up in jury boat that roamed the racing area, so i tought our race is going on, i started going second crosswind, and then the jury boat came to me and i didn’t hear what they said to me, but they used their horn and showed with hands, like they want me to go to starting line, i was confused, i tought may be they dont have a techno flag to cancel ours too. So i went.. and from startboat, the main race officer told me that the race isnt canceled, only for formulas, i should watch the flags…so i went back up to at least complete the race, i was 2nd in finish, Roomet had won because of that jury…they also did the same to Aarto, Rasmus and Oscar. I dont understand? Why did that boat, there was 2 men inside, even start to interrupt my race, if my class wasn’t canceled? They cant do that, i can protest them for that, and i did, but only to startboat, after i finished, i didnt want to mess with that, i probably wouldnt have won anything through that anyway. And before second race, my boom strap broke… so i had to tie it up, but it kept coming loose and loose so i had really bad corner and speed in crosswind. My places after that day were: 2 1 2   When i didnt win, Roomet did, Aarto was always 3rd this competition.

Day 2 (saturday, 27th sept.)

No races were held, wind was too strong.

Day 3 (sunday, 28th sept.)

3 races were held. I won the first two, but the last one was so close call, noone knew who could win this one, once i was leading, then Roomet, then me again…but in the end, Roomet had really good downwind corner and got to slalom part faster, i also dropped my sail in in one jibe, and Roomet was on last straight after i got it out, so it was a really close call. Places: 1 1 2

So that made us even with Roomet, he had 7 points and i had 7 points, and our discard points were also the same, so the last man won, the last man who won the last race, Roomet. Good job 😉

In overall…im happy with my results, and my competitions, because that was crazy what that jury boat did, at least i got someone to blame for losing 😀

Probably see you next season, or in winter camp, meanwhile im gonna go train hard and study hard, 9th grade aint a joke…Bye!



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