Aegna Marathon

Aegna marathon is an every year competition, as the name says the race is a marathon, between Pirita beach and the island of Aegna. The marathon from birds view is about 26km long, but often we have to race crosswind and the wind conditions are always pretty light, that makes it longer…So was this year too.

To be honest, i have never got time to go to this competition, it has always been at the same time with other competitions and Its so wierd, on friday we had good wind, on thursday we had good wind, on saturday when was the competition, max 3m/s wind…and today, again good wind, like someone was messing with us, but at least its done now. It was really long and really hard, i was probably pumping 50% of the time, so my hands are pretty tired now, my hands hurt also, and my back hurts. But i think i did okay. Because Aarto is light wind master, Marcus had RS:X and Eva…she is about 40kg, so no point of saying anything, she moves faster without pumping than i, while pumping, that makes me 3rd in U17. Marcus was 1. Aarto was 2. and I was 3. But im okay with that, I couldnt get good crosswind corner, may be because i had to use Karl Oscars board, because mine broke, the svert thing, on the bottom of the board, came off, after two times of replacing it, this time im gonna drill it in there with screws, so it will stay there, forever. Thats about it, next year im going to go for the short track, if the wind is as light as yesterday.

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