Too tired to write | 31.07.14 Pirita

I forgot…I forgot to write about other days, i was really tired of the competitions, and i had lot of other things to do, like cook or clean, or sleep…so i couldn’t write. I tought may be i ll write when i get home, but now i cant remember anything, so im just going to post results and check out the media, i uploaded some pictures there, also my facebook, i cant upload videos here, so i put them there…

Girls U17

Boys U17

Girls Plus


31.07.14 Pirita

Seemed like a good day, wind was strong, sun was shining. When i reached Pirita, i got confirmation, it was going to be a really good day. Cristo and Karl Oscar came from water already, they did training earlier. So i went to Aivar and asked for permission, and took Windsurf schools’ Concerte Wave 91L wave board from hangar, and 5.8 loftsails advance. Because we had just got back from competitions, i guess they gave us free hands about what we wanted to do today, and i like free hands 😉 My parents were also in Pirita, because my sister had to go to her friends birthday after training, so my mom got few videos of me. They are also on facebook. I forgot…wind was about 10-12m/s but there were some gusts that reached about 15m/s.

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