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Techno293 European Championship, Italy, Garda Lake

Hello, Im back from the Europeans!

It was awesome, there were 313 competitors, from 23 countries, which is the record of competitors at European championship.

From Estonia there were 7 competitors:

U17 Boys: Karl Gregor Bauman, Aarto Pihlapuu, Roomet Riho Pung, Alfred Kalm.

U17 Girls: Brigita Viilop, Juulia Mikson.

Techno Plus: Triine Elise Alling.

So how did it go for me?

I must say, i like the result, but at the same time, i dont like it. Because, last summer, when i was U15 Boys, i got a 10th place in silver fleet, now i got a 40th place…I dont like it very much, but i can say: it was new, first time in a big competition racing in U17 fleet, so i guess it was okay. And…i was still best from Estonia, so im glad about that, also we haven’t been practising on water much, only the camp in Croatia, so yeah, im happy with that.

What was the biggest moment of the competition and what was the worst?

The biggest moment was definitely, when my sailing watch broke, my downhaul started slipping towards my mastfoot, so my trim changed, gladly i got the downhaul fixed before the start. I felt so uncomfortable before the start, the wind was strong, may be a bit too strong sometimes and when the race started, i got a really good position and did a turn right after the start, because I saw a gust of wind coming from the B area of the track. I looked behind and saw next boards about 50m behind me, and a big group heading to A area of the track (A is left side, B is right side, looking north). Anyway, when i reached the first mark, I was on place, yeah, that’s amazing…But in the downwind, i lost my position and started to fall behind, so i must train my downwind, that’s the biggest moment. 😉

Worst moment was probably, my worst race which was the first race of the competition, 52. place. And that my sailing watch broke, and i had to compete all the next races without it. 😦

How was Italy?

It was awesome, there was warm, water was a bit cold, but its spring…couple rainy days, but they weren’t so bad at all…

The city was beautiful, people were very friendly. Every time we went to the apartment we lived in, (we had 2 apartments, one on the 2. floor, other on 3. floor) there was a bakery or something like it, and they always had the kitchen door open, and we yelled them: Eey! They always yelled “Eey!” back. Thats one example, people were always smiling and were funny.

The nature, mountains and clouds, snowy peaks were so beautiful…when we went running in the morning, it felt like i wanted to run, i wanted to run faster, and faster, the place was just full of energy. Im glad i got to be there, now i must go back to school and have to do my exams… 😦


U17 Boys:

U17 Girls:

U15 and Techno Plus:

14006295544_09e53153f7_bAuthor: Patrik Pollak