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Estonian Championships/Estonian Olympic sailing II regatta

Lets start with good news. I am now, a two times estonian champion in Techno293, first time was 2012 in U15 and now in U17 also. I forgot to write about baltic cup in Latvia, but i can say it was the worst competition i have had over many years, but in 3 competitions overall, i was still 3rd. So i can say im 3rd Techno293 U17 windsurfer in Baltic countries.

Estonian Champs 2014 / Estonian Olympic sailing II regatta

The competitions took place in Roomassaare, Saaremaa. Usually there has always been strong wind when i have been there. This year the wind and the weather was really difficult, once wind was strong and sun was shining, next moment, its raining and wind is about 9 m/s. It was really hard competition, Aarto and Roomet gave me a good fight, it was really tight. In first day, when they sent us on water, wind was about 4 m/s which aint my wind, its perfect for Aarto, because he is lighter than me and he gets better crosswind corner because of that. On first day we had 3 races, Aarto won 2 of them, and when stronger wind came, about 7-8m/s i was first and he was 3rd, Roomet was 2nd. So both, me and Aarto had 5 points after first day, we had a draw. Second day was exactly the same, then i was leading with one point, and last day… It looked pretty miserable at first, no wind, raining, clouds everywhere, but then clouds passed and sun came out, and with sun came the wind (for a moment) so they sent us on water…but then wind dropped to 0, we went downwind for distance about 200m about 25min. and when we got to start yacht, AP was up so we sat down and waited, for about 20 min and then the weather went perfect for me…wind was about 10m/s and gusts a bit stronger, AP was still up, so i decided to check how is the wind in upper marks to make a plan. When i got back to the start yacht, i saw everyone was going somewhere together, i went near the start yacht and saw that india(4 min flag) was up, i was like…whats going on? and then i saw RS:X flag…i was so frightened, RS:Xes had start after our start…Aarto later told me i was 2min late for start, so i crossed the starting line properly and was still in starting time, others were about 300-400 meters in front of me, soon they could have bauted for crosswind mark…I started pumping like crazy, it was even harder to pump with strong wind than light wind, where u can find a rhyme and do it by the rhyme. To get more corner and speed at the same time, i tried foiling on my svert, and it worked, by the time i went first downwind, i was 4th. and in downwind i won one more positsion, so second crosswind i was 3rd. Aarto was leading that race, and Roomet was 2nd, but i had got after them so much, i had hope, may be i could even catch Roomet in downwind and slalom before finish, but that didn’t come out as i hoped,Roomet is also strong wind surfer, as me, and i couldn’t catch him but i finished 15 sec after him, so that was pretty impressive to myself. I don’t know how i can always make everything so hard, i hate it, i could have been sure winner, and because wind was strong, which suited me, it should have been easy, but probably it was meant to be so. Last race i won, and Aarto was 3rd, so we had a draw on that day, but because we had only one race for disposal. i won the competitions. In the end Aarto was only 2 points behind me.

This weekend im going to Riga for Baltic Challenge Cup, so cross your fingers and lets hope good results. 😉



Aegna Marathon

Aegna marathon is an every year competition, as the name says the race is a marathon, between Pirita beach and the island of Aegna. The marathon from birds view is about 26km long, but often we have to race crosswind and the wind conditions are always pretty light, that makes it longer…So was this year too.

To be honest, i have never got time to go to this competition, it has always been at the same time with other competitions and Its so wierd, on friday we had good wind, on thursday we had good wind, on saturday when was the competition, max 3m/s wind…and today, again good wind, like someone was messing with us, but at least its done now. It was really long and really hard, i was probably pumping 50% of the time, so my hands are pretty tired now, my hands hurt also, and my back hurts. But i think i did okay. Because Aarto is light wind master, Marcus had RS:X and Eva…she is about 40kg, so no point of saying anything, she moves faster without pumping than i, while pumping, that makes me 3rd in U17. Marcus was 1. Aarto was 2. and I was 3. But im okay with that, I couldnt get good crosswind corner, may be because i had to use Karl Oscars board, because mine broke, the svert thing, on the bottom of the board, came off, after two times of replacing it, this time im gonna drill it in there with screws, so it will stay there, forever. Thats about it, next year im going to go for the short track, if the wind is as light as yesterday.