Day 3

Day 3

First possible start should have been at 2pm but it was later, because wind was a bit light and changed direction every once in a while.
We went on the water about 3pm and did 3 races. First was pretty bad, my start wasnt good, i was afraid i might be over the line so i was under some competitiors,
i started from 2. line which isnt good, i was behind ARG-40 in that start, but he was in 1. line and got free wind after start and got ahead of everyone, so i did a crosswind turn to get out from mixed winds and under others, i was probably on 30th place allthrough the race which wasnt very bad but not good too, could be better.
We had 2 outer loop laps, on last crosswind, i went with starboard tack straight for upper mark, then some Polish competitor POL-614 came with board tack and tried to pass me, i started pumping, on the last moment to avoid collision i let the wind out of my sail and tried to pull up, he didnt do anything, just continued pumping.
There was a collision, we fell in water and i gave him protest, after 20 sec i got my sail up and continued racing, i didnt see if he did 360 or not, so later i told about protest to Race Committe boat and after races i filled the protest form, and we had hearing. I was a bit afraid, i had never done such thing before, so i didn’t know what i was supposed to do.
Gladly Aivar came with me, as translator, and i told the protest officer everything, oou and after that race i discovered there was a hole in my sail, but we had no time left to fix it, next start was about to happen, so i did 2 races with broken sail. Back to the topic…Everything was okay, Protest officer was really friendly and i wasnt so afraid anymore, basicly i can say – First protest in my life, and i won it. Bad thing is, i only got 2 places redress, but at least something.

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