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Training Camp in Croatia, Zadar!

Hello dear readers!

Im back from our training camp in Zadar! I have 3 words to describe it: It was awesome.

We worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun.

There were surfers from 2 countries, two clubs from Estonia, NYCS and my club PPLK.

Also there were Latvian surfers, its the first time we had a training camp together, not quite together, but at the same time in the same place.And it was awesome, we should do that more.

Most of the time wind was only 2-4 meters per second, so we had to work hard to get moveing.On the last two days, when latvians had left for their way home, the wind came.On saturday 22.03 it was about 6-8 meters per second, which was pretty good, considering we hadn’t had good winds.But sunday had even better wind, about 14-19 meters per second, unfortunately most of us didn’t go on the water with our 7.8 m2 technos.We didn’t want to break our gear, only Marcus (EST-121) and Karla (EST-228) went on the water, but Marcus loaned his brother’s 6.8 m2 so it wasn’t that bad.

We also had a training competition

I saw that Latvian girls had really good tehnique and tactics, they won us (Estonians) almost in every race.

At the starts i didn’t get a good positsion, so i had to climb back into the competition during the first headwind, lucky for me i started to remember positsions and reminded myself to sense how the wind turns and to use gusts of wind.

So at the beginning I wasn’t very good, but more and more i started to remember and started to get better positsions, until in the very last race i was 2. only Ketija (LAT-151) was ahead of me.

But I was happy because, it was my first time to properly surf with 7.8 m2 sail and i think it came out well.

In the end i was still leading (boys) so i was pleased with the positsion. 🙂


I dont remember exactly!

From girls the top 3 was:

1. Aleksandra (LAT-116)

2. Ketija (LAT-151)

3. Nikola (LAT-128)


1. Me (EST-101)

2. Namejs (LAT-777)

3. Marcus (EST-121)

But i must say that Christopher, a good friend of mine, did very good in this competition, i guess he was 4. or 5. so good one, bro!

Thats all you guys need to know, sorry i cant tell you the fun parts but thats more private.

Insiders will know!

See ya, until then,