Tallinn Week 2014 – Estonian Olympic sailing III regatta | My new sail

Last competitions of this season are over!

I did good, at least that’s what i feel. Of course the place could have been better, but again, couple big mistakes and accidents ruined my competitions. But i had fun and great time during the competitions. For example, I got a day off from school, on friday, when i had russian lesson, oh god, russian is so hard for me and i dont like it much. Anyway, back to this weekend…wait, not yet, i remember i had birthday on 23th septeber so, happy birthday Alfred, you are 15 now! 🙂 And that reminded me that i got a new sail, i forgot to write about it, but the old one has a pretty big hole in it.


One training there was huge wind, and after the training i was having some fun riding in sidewind, but i got tired, wanted to go back on shore and then sail fell in the water, i tried to do a waterstart, but i didnt notice i had got stuck in my boom strap, so when the sail lifted me up, i wanted to let the wind out of my sail, but i couldnt, because i was attached to boom strap, and fell to the other side, through the sail…gladly i was in good mood, and knew there wont be any competitons soon, so i got the sail up with all the power i had and glissed back on shore, where everyone was asking what had happened.

Day 1 (friday, 26th sept.)

We had 3 races. First one was total disaster, i was doing so good, i was leading with really big lead, others were +100meters behind me, wind was strong, the way i like it, about 10m/s and then the race was suddenly canceled for formulas…the canceling flag and formula flag were up in jury boat that roamed the racing area, so i tought our race is going on, i started going second crosswind, and then the jury boat came to me and i didn’t hear what they said to me, but they used their horn and showed with hands, like they want me to go to starting line, i was confused, i tought may be they dont have a techno flag to cancel ours too. So i went.. and from startboat, the main race officer told me that the race isnt canceled, only for formulas, i should watch the flags…so i went back up to at least complete the race, i was 2nd in finish, Roomet had won because of that jury…they also did the same to Aarto, Rasmus and Oscar. I dont understand? Why did that boat, there was 2 men inside, even start to interrupt my race, if my class wasn’t canceled? They cant do that, i can protest them for that, and i did, but only to startboat, after i finished, i didnt want to mess with that, i probably wouldnt have won anything through that anyway. And before second race, my boom strap broke… so i had to tie it up, but it kept coming loose and loose so i had really bad corner and speed in crosswind. My places after that day were: 2 1 2   When i didnt win, Roomet did, Aarto was always 3rd this competition.

Day 2 (saturday, 27th sept.)

No races were held, wind was too strong.

Day 3 (sunday, 28th sept.)

3 races were held. I won the first two, but the last one was so close call, noone knew who could win this one, once i was leading, then Roomet, then me again…but in the end, Roomet had really good downwind corner and got to slalom part faster, i also dropped my sail in in one jibe, and Roomet was on last straight after i got it out, so it was a really close call. Places: 1 1 2

So that made us even with Roomet, he had 7 points and i had 7 points, and our discard points were also the same, so the last man won, the last man who won the last race, Roomet. Good job 😉

In overall…im happy with my results, and my competitions, because that was crazy what that jury boat did, at least i got someone to blame for losing 😀

Probably see you next season, or in winter camp, meanwhile im gonna go train hard and study hard, 9th grade aint a joke…Bye!



Estonian Championships/Estonian Olympic sailing II regatta

Lets start with good news. I am now, a two times estonian champion in Techno293, first time was 2012 in U15 and now in U17 also. I forgot to write about baltic cup in Latvia, but i can say it was the worst competition i have had over many years, but in 3 competitions overall, i was still 3rd. So i can say im 3rd Techno293 U17 windsurfer in Baltic countries.

Estonian Champs 2014 / Estonian Olympic sailing II regatta

The competitions took place in Roomassaare, Saaremaa. Usually there has always been strong wind when i have been there. This year the wind and the weather was really difficult, once wind was strong and sun was shining, next moment, its raining and wind is about 9 m/s. It was really hard competition, Aarto and Roomet gave me a good fight, it was really tight. In first day, when they sent us on water, wind was about 4 m/s which aint my wind, its perfect for Aarto, because he is lighter than me and he gets better crosswind corner because of that. On first day we had 3 races, Aarto won 2 of them, and when stronger wind came, about 7-8m/s i was first and he was 3rd, Roomet was 2nd. So both, me and Aarto had 5 points after first day, we had a draw. Second day was exactly the same, then i was leading with one point, and last day… It looked pretty miserable at first, no wind, raining, clouds everywhere, but then clouds passed and sun came out, and with sun came the wind (for a moment) so they sent us on water…but then wind dropped to 0, we went downwind for distance about 200m about 25min. and when we got to start yacht, AP was up so we sat down and waited, for about 20 min and then the weather went perfect for me…wind was about 10m/s and gusts a bit stronger, AP was still up, so i decided to check how is the wind in upper marks to make a plan. When i got back to the start yacht, i saw everyone was going somewhere together, i went near the start yacht and saw that india(4 min flag) was up, i was like…whats going on? and then i saw RS:X flag…i was so frightened, RS:Xes had start after our start…Aarto later told me i was 2min late for start, so i crossed the starting line properly and was still in starting time, others were about 300-400 meters in front of me, soon they could have bauted for crosswind mark…I started pumping like crazy, it was even harder to pump with strong wind than light wind, where u can find a rhyme and do it by the rhyme. To get more corner and speed at the same time, i tried foiling on my svert, and it worked, by the time i went first downwind, i was 4th. and in downwind i won one more positsion, so second crosswind i was 3rd. Aarto was leading that race, and Roomet was 2nd, but i had got after them so much, i had hope, may be i could even catch Roomet in downwind and slalom before finish, but that didn’t come out as i hoped,Roomet is also strong wind surfer, as me, and i couldn’t catch him but i finished 15 sec after him, so that was pretty impressive to myself. I don’t know how i can always make everything so hard, i hate it, i could have been sure winner, and because wind was strong, which suited me, it should have been easy, but probably it was meant to be so. Last race i won, and Aarto was 3rd, so we had a draw on that day, but because we had only one race for disposal. i won the competitions. In the end Aarto was only 2 points behind me.

This weekend im going to Riga for Baltic Challenge Cup, so cross your fingers and lets hope good results. 😉



Aegna Marathon

Aegna marathon is an every year competition, as the name says the race is a marathon, between Pirita beach and the island of Aegna. The marathon from birds view is about 26km long, but often we have to race crosswind and the wind conditions are always pretty light, that makes it longer…So was this year too.

To be honest, i have never got time to go to this competition, it has always been at the same time with other competitions and Its so wierd, on friday we had good wind, on thursday we had good wind, on saturday when was the competition, max 3m/s wind…and today, again good wind, like someone was messing with us, but at least its done now. It was really long and really hard, i was probably pumping 50% of the time, so my hands are pretty tired now, my hands hurt also, and my back hurts. But i think i did okay. Because Aarto is light wind master, Marcus had RS:X and Eva…she is about 40kg, so no point of saying anything, she moves faster without pumping than i, while pumping, that makes me 3rd in U17. Marcus was 1. Aarto was 2. and I was 3. But im okay with that, I couldnt get good crosswind corner, may be because i had to use Karl Oscars board, because mine broke, the svert thing, on the bottom of the board, came off, after two times of replacing it, this time im gonna drill it in there with screws, so it will stay there, forever. Thats about it, next year im going to go for the short track, if the wind is as light as yesterday.


Too tired to write | 31.07.14 Pirita

I forgot…I forgot to write about other days, i was really tired of the competitions, and i had lot of other things to do, like cook or clean, or sleep…so i couldn’t write. I tought may be i ll write when i get home, but now i cant remember anything, so im just going to post results and check out the media, i uploaded some pictures there, also my facebook, i cant upload videos here, so i put them there…

Girls U17 http://eurosaf.sailracer.org/eventsites/results_event.asp?eventid=189600&templ=technoworlds&display=full&results=U17%20Girls

Boys U17 http://eurosaf.sailracer.org/eventsites/results_event.asp?eventid=189600&templ=technoworlds&display=full&results=U17%20Boys

Girls Plus http://eurosaf.sailracer.org/eventsites/results_event.asp?eventid=189600&templ=technoworlds&display=full&results=T293%20Plus%20Girls


31.07.14 Pirita

Seemed like a good day, wind was strong, sun was shining. When i reached Pirita, i got confirmation, it was going to be a really good day. Cristo and Karl Oscar came from water already, they did training earlier. So i went to Aivar and asked for permission, and took Windsurf schools’ Concerte Wave 91L wave board from hangar, and 5.8 loftsails advance. Because we had just got back from competitions, i guess they gave us free hands about what we wanted to do today, and i like free hands 😉 My parents were also in Pirita, because my sister had to go to her friends birthday after training, so my mom got few videos of me. They are also on facebook. I forgot…wind was about 10-12m/s but there were some gusts that reached about 15m/s.

Day 3

Day 3

First possible start should have been at 2pm but it was later, because wind was a bit light and changed direction every once in a while.
We went on the water about 3pm and did 3 races. First was pretty bad, my start wasnt good, i was afraid i might be over the line so i was under some competitiors,
i started from 2. line which isnt good, i was behind ARG-40 in that start, but he was in 1. line and got free wind after start and got ahead of everyone, so i did a crosswind turn to get out from mixed winds and under others, i was probably on 30th place allthrough the race which wasnt very bad but not good too, could be better.
We had 2 outer loop laps, on last crosswind, i went with starboard tack straight for upper mark, then some Polish competitor POL-614 came with board tack and tried to pass me, i started pumping, on the last moment to avoid collision i let the wind out of my sail and tried to pull up, he didnt do anything, just continued pumping.
There was a collision, we fell in water and i gave him protest, after 20 sec i got my sail up and continued racing, i didnt see if he did 360 or not, so later i told about protest to Race Committe boat and after races i filled the protest form, and we had hearing. I was a bit afraid, i had never done such thing before, so i didn’t know what i was supposed to do.
Gladly Aivar came with me, as translator, and i told the protest officer everything, oou and after that race i discovered there was a hole in my sail, but we had no time left to fix it, next start was about to happen, so i did 2 races with broken sail. Back to the topic…Everything was okay, Protest officer was really friendly and i wasnt so afraid anymore, basicly i can say – First protest in my life, and i won it. Bad thing is, i only got 2 places redress, but at least something.

Day 2

Day 2

Today we had to wake up at 6.30am because the start was going to happen at 10 o clock in the morning, when we reached the competitions there was no people at all,
we went to notice board. At 7pm yesterday, there was a notification that first possible start will be at 2pm so we had to wait for a long time. While waiting
we played volleyball withwe played volleyball with Latvians, they didnt also know about notification at 7pm so they were early too.
We went on water at 3pm and were on water for 4.5 hours, and we got only one race in that time…We had 2 canceled starts, second one was with black flag, but there was still so many people over the line so there was general recall.
Then first race was also canceled bacause the wind changed direction. I feel so uncomfortable on the board, i cant feel the board at all, may be because the water here is so choppy, or may be because i cant see the gusts so good as i always see them, something is wrong.
Almost forgot…They gave my fleet GPS Trackers, so my races can probably be seen somewhere, but i dont know where.

Techno293 World Championship Brest, France 2014

We are in Brest! (Not anymore, i couldnt post it there, i had no internet, imagine i wrote in past:)
The way was long, 3000km from Tallinn and we came 3 days, at night we slept in car.
On the day we arrived we stored our gear at competitions area, there was no time left for other stuff and opening ceremony started after which we went to our house.
Our house at a really nice place, its about 500m from beach and the view is amazing, problem is, its 26 km from Brest.

Practise race day

In the morning i set the alarm for 8.50 but i didnt wake up after alarm turned on, i was sleepy, gladly Cristo woke me up soon.
I put all the stuff i needed in my bag, but i always forget something, this time it was my sailing watch. I totally forgot about it.
When we got to the competitions area we registered. I had problems with registering, when i did pre-registering at home i did the transfer
over bank, but the registering form didnt go through, i didnt know that and after few days when the discount time had passed i filled the registitering form again, but in the entry list
it didnt show like i had paid, so i had to deal with that problem here, gladly it only took about 15 min. and it came out just fine i just had to show them the payment reciept.
Later we had our gear checked and we started rigging. We went on the water but too late, we reached the racing area but we couldnt prepeare much, because the procedure flag went up.
The start was also a mess, everyone was over the line about 20 meters and there were 3 overall recalls but then the jury got tired or somthing and after 4th start they just put the single recall flag up.
My start was the worst ever, because i tought there will be separate starts for fleets and i waited but there werent so i started about 4 min later(after the last start) but i still catched up with few competitiors.
After the race was done me, Cristo and Aarto were a bit longer on the water, got used to the sea and wind got stronger so we practsed jibes and were just glissing.

There is 8 competitors from Estonia

Me EST-101,
Cristopher(Cristo) EST-420,
Tanel EST-104,
Roomet EST-126,
Aarto EST-129,
Eva EST-400,
Triine EST-124.

And our coach Aivar, my dad and Aivars’ old friend and our friend Marko A.K.A Iir(kiteboarder, but really funny guy, he makes us breakfeast)